Right now, Mediafusion is primarily working on one goal, with our Pickrs’ SWLA Market Directory. However the company is so much more than the one product, so here is a little about our history.


With 15+ years of graphic design, layout and web development experience over the last 32 years, Michael A Fuselier has spent over half of his adult life building and working in startup companies.cool


Why not the whole 32 years? Well, some might say in a way the whole 32 certainly could be thought of as experience, but I raised a family with three children and unfortunately had to work for other people in almost half of that time. Much of it was doing similarly related work, but I don’t feel it’s fair to say those half of the years were as focused as much as the other half. 

Our Services

Although graphic design has never been the top focus of Mediafusion, it is hard not to include it in the services we provide as they are yin/yang services with layout, publishing, marketing and design, but Mediafusion offers other business related services as well.


Graphic Design

Need a logo, business card, sign, or ad designed for your business?


Digital & Print Layout

Have a book to publish?
We are here to help.



Consulting Services

Have marketing, technology  or business related questions?