Here is a sample of some of the different types of t-shirt artwork that Mediafusion has done over the last 30+ years.


Spiritware Design

This is just a sample of spirit ware created for Sulphur High School and other surrounding schools, around 2007-2008 when I owned Precision Prints on Maplewood drive in Sulphur. We used to screen print and do vinyl art of lots of creative spirit ware designs. Not all of these were my design, or idea, but many of them were completely designed and done by myself. There were also many others that are not here. Literally 100’s of designs. I only wish I had time to post and share more of them.

SHS Zebra Stripe

The ladies of Sulphur High School, like their zebra stripe. We offered this design in a variety of colors such as Pink/Black on heather (gray) or dark heather (a favorite), in long or short sleeves. It also came in the traditional Blue/Gold colors, as well as Pink/Blue & Purple & Green if I am not mistaking. One thing is for sure, it was a great selling product, all thanks to the bold design and colors. Miss those days of having people come in the store and ask for my designs.

Hearts Hearts Everywhere

Oh how they love the hearts. This was a one color design where the color of the shirt would show thru the hearts. We offered this on gold, heather, white, dark heather, pink & brown – sometimes it would be printed in pink, white, blue, or even brown. Sometimes the hearts would be a second color. We did a number of different color combinations and they girls and ladies just loved them all.

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Classic Football Round Shield

So this is a simple football design with in brown, dark royal and gold, a great traditional design showing support for the football program at your local school. Variations of colors and text designs have been done which are similar to this. Good plain fun, we sold a ton of these.

Got Milk?

A take on the “got milk” slogan from the 80’s this was a fun design that customers enjoyed. We stuck with the traditional school colors on this one, which seemed to make more sense. The logo and team name of course was swapped out as needed for the other local schools.


Kung Fu Panda

I copied the basic text and alternating circular stripe design of this logo from the Kung Fu Panda text and shirt design, but I’ve seen the basic concept going way back. The Japan war flag uses a similar alternating circular stripe design. Needless to say, with the school text on top, logo below and circular stripe in the background, it made for a nice bold design.

Popular Shield Design

I love bold shields. There are many great shields. This is a popular and iconic shield design we repurposed as school spirit wear to great success. We sold a few of these, they were not easy to get to look right, but were rewarding when done. Each school presented it’s own challenge. We had many others that never got finished, I guess this was one of the easiest to do, so it got done first.