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What started as 700 copies printed in the first month of July 2020, escalated up steadily to over 2500 copies printed, folded, stapled in my own house per month before finally sending the printing out and increasing to around 5K printed & distributed per month in 2022, then to 10K every other month, and finally 15K quarterly durring 2023.


For 2024 I printed 35K copies of the Pickrs SWLA Market Directory for the 1st half and hope to print 35-60K for the second half of the year.


Obviously the distribution to 600-750 locations will likely increase throughout the 15 parishes of SWLA as well.



With a territory of 15 parishes, even though 15K copies is not a huge printing, it covers a very large area roughly equal to 1/3 the size of the state of Louisiana. 

NOTHING ELSE in print form, comes close to covering such a large geographic area.

Targeted primarily at women & travelers, the Pickrs’ directory gets into the hands of people looking to make purchases, and soon! 


4 Levels of Rate Discounts

As a former “Flea Market” retail business, I understand how difficult it is for a super low profit business to be able to inexpensively target potential customers. What better way with a simple list of businesses covering a small topic range of businesses.

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