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As the primary product of Mediafusion, you could just about say that at this point, “everything” about Mediafusion, pertains to Pickrs. Though that is not the goal, it is the current “situation.” At some point Pickrs will get the foundation under it, to start growing with other people, but at the moment it’s still just the sole product of a one man company, which goes by the name of Mediafusion, LLC. 


Currently 1 directory, and 1 territory!

The intention of Mediafusion was always to grow the main product, the Pickrs’ directory, into it’s own company, providing not just a “Shopping & Travel” directory but a whole gaggle of directories. These directories would be offered not just in one small corner of one state of this great nation, but across the whole state of Louisiana into multiple directories, and not by myself, but as a franchise.

Go to the current Pickrs’ site now!

Or, try out the new data driven Pickrs’ site, coming soon!
(Keep in mind this is very early stages and is mostly just a proof of concept, and doesn’t look like the intended site will hopefully look.)

Multiple Directories

Shopping & travel, are just the beginning? If the tiny segment of businesses related to “Flea Markets” can support their own regional directory, shouldn’t other groups of businesses also?

Multiple Territories

Perhaps your business also exists across multiple regions of Louisiana, or even into Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas or other states. Pickrs’ plans to as well. At some point we hope to go nation wide, and then who knows, global.


Want a Pickrs franchise of your own? Want to publish just one theme directory, or perhaps many?

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