Here is a sample of some of the different types of work that Mediafusion has done over the last 30+ years.  


Design Layout & Publishing

 Desktop publishing is what we used to call the graphic design work in the software we used to do this type of work in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Many software packages, including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Freehand (Originally an Aldus [Altsys] product, then Macromedia, and finally Adobe) & Digital Darkroom, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), layout in Aldus Pagemaker, as well as Quark Xpress, Debabelizer, Aldus PressWise, and many other software packages were used to create the files used to make the books listed below.

Ads Parish Directory

Traditional directory type long form layout publishing

We were told that the 590 page white page section, and 166 page yellow page section of this yellow pages for the CENLA area, constituted the largest and first print directory ever done in the new (for 1988) Aldus Pagemaker 3.0. I personally did almost all of the yellow page ad design in this directory as well as all of the layout of the yellow pages.

Oversized layout & design format

In 1998 a long time friend came to me to help him do this unique and special aerial photo map. Long before Google was even in existance, Safari & Mediafusion worked together two years to bring this original publication to print.

Apparel Print Design

This was spiritware created for Sulphur High School, around 2007-2008 when I owned Precision Prints on Maplewood drive in Sulphur. We used to screen print and do vinyl art of lots of creative spiritware designs.

T-Shirt & Mardigras Theme Design

This was a Mardigras theme, that was used for a shirt, as well as cups, napkins, the invitations and program for the ball.

Logo Design & Business Cards

Each of these businesses required a logo to be designed for the business card, letterhead and signage of their businesses.

Marketing Mailer Postcard Layout

A bold, post card mailer used to promote four unique product lines of apparel for a locally owned women’s boutique> 

Brochure Layout & Design

Developing a brochure for a local advertising awards ceremony is always interesting as the customers are designers themselves. This black varnish on black paper made for a unique subtle design.

Landing Page/Website Design

Sometimes all you need is a simple website, with a landing page and just a few other support pages to complete the job. This site has all that was necessary to open the lines of communication between the sales person and his potential customers. After which, he took the sale from there to finish with the customer and close the sale.

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