Welcome to the Mediafusion website. This site has gone thru a number of changes, as has the whole country thanks to Covid this past year!  Although Mediafusion has been around in one way or another for over 25 years, It’s never really materialized as a “company” with it’s own web page for long, over that time. Even though I was designing web pages way back in 1995-96 ish, a lot has changed all these years.

Although I have attempted to develop my own web page many, many times over the years, it never seemed like a priority until now. Even though I was developing Pickrs as a stand alone product off and on since 2013. However, since 2018 things got much more serious, but still wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed or what to do first really, because there were so many things that needed doing, and only so much time. When I found myself without a job at the end of March 2020, it became rather obvious to me that it was now or never! So my first steps were to develop the Pickrs SWLA Print directory prototype. From there I refined the idea over and over, while building a number of resources both digital and analog to help me with the process.

My main focus is on a “product” of Mediafusion called “Pickrs’, and the first of hopefully many directories is called the “SWLA Market Directory.” Pickrs in it’s original vision is actually a website, mobile app, and social community. But as we all know, because of the chicken & egg problem with users and content, it’s extremely difficult to build a successful social network, and technically complicated as well. Now even though the website & app was always, and continues to be the long term goal, as the primary revenue generator, the nature of the information or content needed to develop a successful community, lends it’s self to a more traditional medium which we are all familiar. This medium, is going thru tremendous changes due to the rise of the digital platform of the Internet, but never the less, a limited print form of the content for Pickrs has always been part of the plan to create an ancillary product & line of income as a print advertising product. Therefore, in order to “bootstrap” the website & app, I am using the tried and true tested advertising model in the Pickrs’ printed directory as my first line of revenue generation.

By starting in the small geographic community of SW Louisiana, I will be able to iterate the print product rapidly, while simultaneously building a companion digital product to fit the needs of the Pickrs print advertising community, getting face to face feedback along the way. I hope you will continue to monitor the progress of our SWLA Market Directory, as well as Mediafusion and the Pickrs digital products as well.