July 2020 – Volume 1, Issue 1 – Pickrs SW Louisiana Market Directory

So, instead of building the app / website that I originally envisioned for Pickrs’, because of the related cost and sill required for what I wanted, as well as my sudden need for income, I flipped my idea on it’s head. That is to say, while I always intended to do print directories as a side source of income for the Pickrs’ brand, to help with marketing the site, and fill the need for such a product, it was never my intention to do it first. But under the conditions, I decided a print directory in a relatively small geographic region was the way to go. What I didn’t plan on was the difficulty that Covid was going to cause me in efforts to sell advertising, as our politicians seems to stage an assault on our small business owners with forced closurers. With the disease spreading nationwide, retail markets were collapsing all over the place. None the less, I pushed forward as I had no other options at the time.